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What is GAFF?

Do you supply or manage software which runs automatically or unattended on one Windows machine - and you would like it to be able to notify warnings or errors actively to a person on another Windows machine? By "actively" we mean a warning or error message "interrupts" (politely) whatever the user is doing, to tell them about the error. Then GAFF may well be able to help you.

How does it all Work?

GAFF works on a simple shared-folder messaging system. Your software would write message files in a very simple pre-defined format to a shared folder. GAFF runs in the background on the other user's machine, looking for new message files regularly. When GAFF detects a new message, it will make an appropriate sound and/or popup a message window.

If no-one acknowledges the message, the sound will repeat at regular intervals. You can control the intervals and the sounds used. You can define parameters for escalating problems, so if no-one acknowledges it after a preset time, the warning sound changes.

With one GAFF running, you could monitor several different processes. Similarly, with one process to monitor, you could set up several users with GAFF and so any one of them could acknowledge the warnings.

GAFF is really simple to install and use. Contact Gistix for more details.