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POLYDOCS is software which runs on your PC. It can automatically pick up data extracted from your WINDOWS/UNIX System and, using Microsoft Word, produce printed letters or other documents from it. It uses 'skeletons' which you have created in Word - so they're straightforward to change as and when necessary. And once it's all set up, then the whole process can run automatically without the need for human intervention.

What Else Does POLYDOCS Do?

POLYDOCS uses standard Word functionality but it runs automatically. Your data is inserted into the letter using standard Word Edit/Replace facilities, replacing "keys" (e.g. |CustomerName| ) in the skeleton, with the corresponding value from your data. All other Word functionality is still generally available, so your letters can also include pictures, tables, arithmetic, IF..THEN..ELSE fields etc.

Who Might Benefit from POLYDOCS?

POLYDOCS was originally created for a Local Authority for producing letters to 'clients' from their Social Services system. It could be of benefit where any WINDOWS/UNIX system needs to produce a variety of letters or other documents quickly and efficiently. It offers major benefits in the flexibility of being able to create or edit the format of the letter using a familiar word processor.

How Does it All Work? ( The 'Techie' Bit ! )

POLYDOCS works on simple files of data extracted from your WINDOWS/UNIX system. These will generally be quite easy to produce - most systems incorporate some 'SQL'-type language for doing so. So this may mean a bit of effort from your technical people initially. But once it's done, then the control of the format and content of letters can be managed by anyone familiar with Word.