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Maps on Screen

The GISTIX GIS system runs on a PC or PC Network under Windows. It provides numerous facilities for viewing Ordnance Survey maps on the PC screen. Your own information can be superimposed on the maps as areas, symbols, text etc.
You can move around the map and zoom in and out to see whatever detail you want.

Finding Places

You can ask the GIS to find towns, villages, streets etc..
Using the Ordnance Survey Address Point data, Gistix can also zoom to a specified postcode or highlight every property with a specified name etc.

Drawing and Measuring

You can draw an area on the map and colour it in. Other lines, symbols and text can also be overlaid on the map.
You can measure the distance between any two chosen points on the map. You can measure the length of lines and the size of any area that you've drawn.

Interface to Databases

A general interface to databases provides comprehensive facilities for locating your own items of interest on the map, perhaps customers, offices, sites etc.. Selective enquiries allow you to show all sites with certain properties e.g. show me all our customers with turnover more than £100K. This would display a spot on the map where each such site is located. An individual site can then be selected and relevant data displayed from your database.

The Gistix product is a 'toolkit'. It is supplied as a Basic Package which includes the above facilities. In addition, the Development Toolkit itself may also be purchased. This offers around 400 different facilities which can then be used to build on the basic package to meet your more specific needs. Alternatively, Gistix would be happy to quote for carrying out such developments.